Enhancing Educational Labs at Oaklands College

Oaklands College is a renowned educational institution in Hertfordshire. It recently required a significant redevelopment of its laboratory space for its Higher Education (HE) courses. As part of modernisation efforts, they recognised the need for cutting-edge sports science equipment to provide students with an enriched learning experience.

One of the key requirements for the college, is the acquisition of new equipment. This includes new treadmills and ergometers that would play a pivotal role in their research and exercise physiology activities.

Needs & Challenges

Oaklands College were seeking ‘best-in-class’ equipment’, including reliable treadmills and ergometers. This is because accurate research and data collection is a high priority for them. Furthermore, the equipment has to accommodate practical learning, in the fields of exercise science and physiology.

However, there were several challenges to overcome in order to achieve these objectives, including:

  • Equipment Selection: The client needed to select treadmills and ergometers that were of a very high quality and suitable for specific educational requirements.
  • Logistics and Installation: The lab is on the first floor, requiring the equipment to move through a lift and a series of corridors. This logistical challenge needed careful planning to ensure safe and efficient installation.

Oaklands College – The Project

The college decided to opt for the services of HaB Direct, as a result of their previous experience as a customer. They originally made contact with us, wishing to find out more about Monark ergometers. Following advice from the team at HaB, the college selected the Monark 874E Weight Ergometer.

HaB Direct has a long-standing partnership with the renowned h/p/cosmos brand. Known for its reliable and durable equipment, it resonated well with Oaklands College’s commitment to excellence. HaB offer a range of h/p/cosmos treadmills, allowing Oaklands College to choose the model that best suited their needs. The Pluto treadmill, with its features and specifications, aligned perfectly with the requirements of the lab.

HaB played a crucial role in ensuring the successful implementation of Oaklands College’s equipment acquisition project. Their expertise extended beyond just offering high-quality products. It encompassed a comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges presented by the installation process:

  • Logistical Planning: HaB Direct meticulously planned the transportation of the equipment to the first-floor lab space, considering the dimensions of the equipment and the physical constraints of the building.
  • Professional Installation: HaB has experience with similar installations, and can efficiently set up the lab space to ensure that all safety and functionality requirements are met.
  • Technical Support: HaB provides comprehensive technical support, ensuring that the equipment is properly calibrated and ready for use. This support is particularly welcome given the educational context and the need for accurate data collection.


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