Anatomical Models

At HaB Direct, we supply a large range of human anatomy models, so we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for! We are trusted to provide realistic and detailed anatomical models; medical professionals, teachers and students have shopped with us for over 35 years.

Anatomical Models

Primarily used to educate aspiring medical professionals, including doctors, surgeons, and midwives, our human anatomy models are suitable to teach a variety of medical specialisms. Many GP practices and physiotherapists keep anatomical models to hand when consulting patients and explaining diagnoses/conditions. They are also ideal for teaching children in the classroom about human biology.

Human anatomy models

From the brain to models of foetal development, human anatomy models can provide detail about internal and external organs, and highlight specific muscles. As well as providing a visual of body parts, human anatomy models can be used to learn medical procedures, or help visualise medical conditions such as cancers. They also offer children an educational insight into the organs, systems and structure of the human body.

The advanced anatomical models we supply include CPR training simulators, multiple casualty simulation kits, and injection arm models. This allows medical students to practice various techniques in the early stages of their course.

Anatomical skeletons

Whether you need a life-size anatomical skeleton or models of specific joints and bones, we can help. Life-sized skeleton models are ideal for GP practices as they cover all bases when explaining diagnoses to patients. Whereas anatomical skeletons that show specific body parts and bones can be a great educational resource in medical schools.

Explore anatomical models at HaB Direct

At HaB Direct, we offer realistic anatomical models for medical professionals, teachers, and students. Our extensive range not only caters for your every anatomical model need, but for all budgets too.

If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can offer advice on +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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