Altitude Training Systems

PBAES equipment can be used for a wide range of purposes. This includes athletic training, pre-acclimatisation and research purposes. One of the aims of the equipment is to force the body to become more efficient with the oxygen it has available. Benefits of altitude training are improved health and wellness, enhanced sports performance, and assisting with pre-acclimatisation and rehabilitation.

Environmental chambers allows heat training, training in the cold and exposure to varying levels of humidity. The purpose of this is to allow users to prepare for different climates around the world. This could be athletic performance, military personnel or ‘adrenaline junkie’ adventure tourists.

The devices offered by PBAES include hypoxic air generators, inflatable training modules, inflatable sleep modules, fixed room exercise and sleep systems and more.

PBAES has partnered with large organisations to deliver installations of their equipment, including an installation for a major International UK based sports team; and are the official Simulated Altitude Training equipment supplier to both Boxing Science and Matchroom Boxing.