Fitness Testing and Training Equipment

Fitness testing equipment allows you to gather detailed information about an individual’s fitness using various types of assessment. You cannot gain a deep insight without this specialist equipment.

With HaB Direct, you can get kitted out with fitness testing equipment for your sports coaching business, professional sports team, sports science lab, medical clinic, and more. You can also use our fitness training products for self-assessment at home.

Types of fitness testing and training equipment

Fitness testing and training equipment is used to assess people’s health and help to train athletes to perform at their best. Some of the types of testing and training that can be achieved with our products include:

Altitude Training

Altitude training simulates the hypoxic air levels found at high altitudes without the need to travel to these altitudes. This type of fitness training product makes your workout more challenging but will improve performance at sea level. You can view our range of altitude training products here.

Timing Gates

Timing gates offer speed and agility tests for a variety of sports. Our wireless timing gates are compact and portable making them ideal for training and testing indoors and outdoors. Browse our timing gates today.

Step Test

The Step test is designed to measure aerobic fitness. The fitness test is trusted by professionals and is easy to complete. Shop the Step test here.

Strength Testing

You can perform strength testing with a dynamometer. A handgrip dynamometer will test grip strength by measuring the isometric strength of the hand and forearm. This is useful in throwing, catching or lifting sports and as a screening tool for health conditions associated with ageing. Our back and leg dynamometers help to assess improvements in strength or the rehabilitation of individuals. Explore our strength testing products here.

Benefits of fitness testing equipment

Fitness testing equipment has various benefits. Here, we’ll run through the top three.

Establish strengths and weaknesses

Fitness testing equipment helps you establish the fitness of an athlete compared to others in a training group or sport. Analysing the results of fitness tests allows you to spot areas for improvement and adjust coaching/training programmes accordingly.

Monitor progress in fitness

When you run a training programme, you need a method of showing clients/athletes the progress they are making. This helps to build trust and confidence in the sports coaching. Use fitness testing equipment to assess fitness levels throughout the intervention, and the results should speak for themselves!

Identify underlying health issues

Fitness testing equipment can also uncover underlying health issues, and you can point individuals in the direction of medical screening. This is thanks to the thorough analysis of the tools – it may be harder to identify health issues with manual methods.

Explore fitness testing equipment from HaB Direct

From altitude training to jump testing – HaB Direct supplies a range of fitness testing equipment for your every need. If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can offer advice on +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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