Sportreact Reactive Agility Starter Kit

Sportreact Reactive Agility Starter Kit


The Sportsreact Starter Kit is a versatile training tool, merging a 2-in-1 timing gate and reaction lights system to improve physical and cognitive abilities. Tailored for athletes aiming to boost speed, agility, and reaction time, it offers intuitive training sessions for individuals or groups. Track progress in areas like Focus, Speed, Coordination, Balance, Endurance, and beyond, fostering an innovative approach to athletic development.

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Introducing the Sportreact Starter Kit: Elevate Your Performance

Unleash your full athletic potential with the Sportreact Starter Kit Timing Gates. This comprehensive training tool is meticulously designed to elevate both your physical prowess and cognitive abilities. Experience the power of versatility with its innovative 2-in-1 timing gates and reaction lights system. Perfect for a wide range of athletic tests and drills, this system is your ultimate companion for targeted training sessions.

Boost Speed, Agility, and Reaction Time

Achieve new levels of speed, agility, and reaction time with the Sportreact Starter Kit. Tailored for athletes of all levels, this kit provides an intuitive platform for honing your skills and pushing your limits.

Ideal for tracking Individual and Group Training progress

Whether you’re training solo or with a group, the Sportreact Starter Kit offers a seamless experience. Take workouts to the next level, whether you’re in the gym, on the field, or at home. Monitor the progress over time with detailed insights into key areas such as Focus, Speed, Coordination, Balance, Endurance, and more. Stay motivated and stay on track towards your fitness goals with our comprehensive tracking features.

Experience Innovation in Athletic Development

Join the revolution in athletic development with the Sportreact Starter Kit. Experience unmatched performance enhancement and take your training to new heights with this cutting-edge training tool.


Timing Gates & Reactive Agility System

Sportreact Starter Kit includes:

  • 6 pods (3 gates),
  • 6 suction cups,
  • 6 tripods,
  • 3-metre-long strap
  • 2 carrying bag
  • and a battery┬░ charger.
  • Additional pods and accessories can be purchased separately┬░ and added on.

Tests and drills encompass:

  • Visual perception and scanning
  • Change of direction
  • Reactions & decision-making
  • Sprinting and acceleration
  • Reactive agility
  • CNS and body activation
  • And many others


  • Distance proximity sensor (1-150cm) & 3D accelerometer
    vibration sensors (10 levels of sensitivity)
  • Laser beam sensor up to 10 meters distance pod to pod
  • Up to 8 hours battery time
  • LED screen with signs, letters, numbers & colours
  • Up to 50 meter distance & 18 pods (9 gates) connected
  • Integrate with tripods, suction cups, and strap
  • Durable & high environmental stability Polyamide 12 nylon
  • IP66 dust tight and water resistant
  • Detailed workout parameters & customisation
  • Standard & custom workouts template
  • Individual & team data analytics, comparisons, and reporting
  • iOS, Android app, and web dashboard
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connection
  • Automatic firmware updates via Sportreact app


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