Respiratory & Lung Function

Effective lung function is something that we take for granted. Millions of people suffer from conditions like asthma, COPD and other long term respiratory illnesses, and they can have a big impact on everyday activities. So, it’s important to have access to respiratory products to identify and treat these conditions.

HaB Direct supplies a variety of breathing and lung function products for medical clinics, sports scientists as well as personal use. Take a look at our collection below.

Types of respiratory products

Respiratory products can be used to test lung function and oxygen consumption as well as improve respiratory muscle strength. Our most popular lung function products used by professionals are:

Breathing training

Did you know that there are devices to help you breathe better? Breathing trainers from POWERbreathe are scientifically proven to reduce breathing fatigue, increase breathing stamina and lower blood pressure. These respiratory products will improve the health, wellness and fitness of many groups, including sports people and those recovering from COVID and long COVID.

Douglas bag

The Douglas bag is used to assess oxygen consumption and basal metabolic rate and is the gold standard of gas exchange measurement. These tests are taken during exercise and are popular among sports scientists and those working in physiology labs.

Peak flow

Peak flow meters measure how fast a person can breathe out air. You will be given a peak flow score based on your ability to do this. The respiratory device helps to diagnose and monitor asthma. As your peak flow score can change, it can check if medication is working or indicate that you’re having an asthma attack.

Explore breathing & lung function products at HaB Direct

At HaB Direct, we offer breathing and lung function testing equipment at competitive prices. Browse our collection to find the best tools for your medical practice, health clinic, sports science lab, sports team, veterinary practice, or home. If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can help at +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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