Respiratory Muscle Training (by Alison McConnell)

Respiratory Muscle Training (by Alison McConnell)

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Respiratory Muscle Training: Theory and Practice is the world’s first book to provide an ” everything you need to know ” guide to respiratory muscle training (RMT) particularly for those with health related problems with the lungs.

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Respiratory Muscle Training (by Alison McConnell)

Written by the internationally acclaimed leading expert Professor Alison McConnell, this book is an evidence-based resource, built upon current scientific knowledge, as well as clinical experience at the cutting-edge of respiratory training in a wide range of settings.
A companion guide to using the Breathing Muscle Trainer POWERbreathe , the aim of the book is to give readers:

  • an introduction to respiratory physiology and exercise physiology, as well as training theory
  • an understanding of how disease affects the respiratory muscles and the mechanics of breathing
  • an insight into the disease-specific, evidence-based benefits of RMT
  • advice on the application of RMT as a standalone treatment, and as part of a rehabilitation programme
  • guidance on the application of functional training techniques to RMT

The book is divided into two parts – theory and practice. Part I provides readers with access to the theoretical building blocks that support practice. It explores the evidence base for RMT as well as the different methods of training respiratory muscles and their respective efficacy. Part II guides the reader through the practical implementation of the most widely validated form of RMT, namely inspiratory muscle resistance training. Also included are over 100 “Functional” IMT” exercises, incorporating stability and/or postural challenges that address specific “dyspnoeagenic” movements.

Respiratory Muscle Training: Theory and Practice is supported by a dedicated website ( ), which provides access to the latest information on RMT, as well as video clips of all exercises described in the book. Purchasers will also receive a three-month free trial of the Physiotec software platform, which allows clinicians to create bespoke training programmes (including video clips) that can be printed or emailed to patients.
Breathe Strong Perform Better is also available for those who wish to know how RMT can help with fitness and fitness related goals.
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