Inspiratory Muscle Trainers

The brand offers a range of breathing devices to suit individual requirements. The POWERbreathe Classic and Plus range are designed to strengthen the inspiratory muscles and are available at different levels of difficulty. Whereas the Medic collection is a drug-free solution suited for patients with breathing difficulties. POWERbreathe’s K-Series features an electronically controlled ‘tapered flow resistance’ meaning you can achieve higher flow and higher tidal volumes for better results. The K-Series is widely used by sports professionals.

POWERbreathe IMT is used worldwide and has many applications. The breathing devices can help to improve fitness and sports performance as well as providing cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Many leading organisations use POWERbreathe IMT – the POWERbreathe Medic has even been approved for prescription in the UK by the NHS. Their breathing devices can be used for injury protection in modern uniformed services where protective clothing may restrict movement and impair breathing.