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Due to the technical nature of a number of our products, our knowledgeable installation team will offer on-site product training for your technical team, after the installation is complete.


  • Why do I need training?

    • To get the most out of your product; to ensure correct and proper operation and/or routine maintenance procedures are followed; to show features that may not be obvious or straightforward.
    • Many of our customers may already have similar equipment or used it previously and therefore might not require full training, but you may wish to be updated on any new features.

  • Which products can you provide training on?

    We offer product training on all capital equipment purchases at the point of installation. We can also offer product training on all products (if you wish to purchase a training session).

  • How long should the training take?

    Training session lengths can vary according to the product. Training can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Is the training included in the price of the product/installation?

    • Product training is included with capital equipment purchases (e.g. h/p/cosmos treadmills, Biosen C-line, Noraxon EMG and IMU’s etc) but not more basic products (such as Monark, POWERbreathe IMT etc). This, however, may be offered at our discretion.
    • We also offer training to healthcare professionals for the medical POWERbreathe breathing devices, such as the POWERbreathe KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software.

  • How much do follow-up training sessions cost? Just a general estimate will be fine.

    Training costs are based on hourly rates, of £60.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours), plus a call-out fee (which is based on postcode).

If you require follow-up training, or training for new members of staff, we will also be happy to arrange follow-up training sessions.

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The HaB Direct team is here to offer you advice, product training after installation, as well as follow-up servicing.