Body Composition

Body composition is an important metric in the medical, sport science, health and fitness fields. Body composition analysis assesses the percentage of muscle, fat, bone, water and other anthropometric measurements in the human body which can help determine a person’s health.

Body Composition

Various tools are needed to perform body composition analysis, and HaB Direct has everything you need to get started. From calipers to stadiometers, professionals use our products in their everyday work. You can rely on us to supply reliable, trusted body composition equipment.

Types of Body Composition Monitoring

There are numerous methods of monitoring body composition. More expensive scans use the latest technology to provide detailed analysis, although cheaper alternatives still provide high levels of accuracy.

Body Fat Measuring Tools

At HaB Direct, we offer a range of equipment that will help medical professionals and sports scientists measure the body composition of patients and athletes. Some of our body fat measuring tools are easy to use for self-assessment at home too. Our best selling products in this category are:


We supply Harpenden skinfold calipers that measure skinfold thickness and bone calipers that measure bone diameter from top brands including Holtain and Harpenden. You can view the range of calipers here.

Digital Scales

Body fat analysis can be carried out with simple digital scales. We stock a range of accurate scales from Seca.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers – Bioelectrical impedance analysers send electrical currents through the body to measure voltage resistance. The higher the resistance, the slower the current passes through the body, which indicates a higher muscle content. Browse our collection of bioelectrical impedance analysers from leading brands such as Bodystat here.

Benefits of body composition analysers

There are multiple benefits of body composition analysers, but the main ones are…

Rapid results

Body composition monitors generate detailed results in a matter of seconds, allowing you to speed up assessment, diagnosis and advice.

Easy to use

Body composition monitors are so easy to use that no specialist training is required. These portable devices are quick to set up, meaning you can take body composition measurements any time, anywhere.

Assist weight loss programs

Body composition monitors share metrics on body fat %, lean mass %, and can recommend daily calorie requirements. Therefore, this body composition tool is a great motivator in fitness/weight loss programs as users can track changes in their bodies. This is especially important for athletes as they need to ensure they are in peak physical condition for competition.

Explore body composition monitors from HaB Direct

At HaB Direct, we offer quality body composition monitors at affordable prices. Browse our range to find the best tools for your medical practice, sports science service, sports centre, university, health clinic, or home. If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can offer advice on +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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