seca analytics 125

SKU: S1252000012

The seca analytics 125 is an annual subscription, cloud-based, body composition analysis software for the seca mBCA 554 and seca mBCA 555.

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More freedom with cloud-based software

Thanks to the new cloud-based software delivery of the seca analytics 125, all administrative IT issues are handled for you. It ensures you can concentrate fully on your medical work.

Cloud-based reporting software,* gives you and your patient access to all results 24/7. This allows the patients to choose whether to review their results digitally or receive a printout of their report.

The easy-to-read visuals and customisation capabilities will make it easier than ever for you to focus on the true goals of your treatment plans and discuss the next steps while adjusting goals after each measurement.

Hardware and Software Working Together

The seca mBCA 554 or seca mBCA 555 and seca analytics 125 software together provide a comprehensive and accurate tool for body composition analysis. Combining the two tools allows for a more in-depth analysis and understanding of an individual’s body composition, making them ideal for use in clinical, research, and fitness settings.

With features such as graphic trending, population norms, and body composition changes over time, seca 555 and seca analytics 125 are the best tools for tracking and monitoring changes in body composition accurately and effectively.


  • Quick and clear graphics with normal ranges
  • Normal ranges can be defined individually as needed
  • Professionally prepared templates for the most important fields of application
  • Customizable printout including notes and explanations for patients
  • Trend analysis allows progress to be tracked in support of patient motivation and engagement
  • Software suitable for all common devices (whether tablet or laptop)
  • Sensitive patient data is saved in an encrypted form and protected from third-party access



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