Recovery & Rehabilitation

Recovering from sports injuries or medical conditions like strokes can take time. To assist and aid the recovery process, rehabilitation equipment plays an important and sometimes pivotal role. These advanced technologies aid recovery in many different ways, including mobility exercises. Mobility exercises allow individuals to increase their range of motion, flexibility and strength, with the equipment allowing this to be undertaken at a safe and suitable rate for each individual.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

We supply certified rehab products for professionals to use with their clients, but also products that can be used at home by individuals to continue their recovery at their own pace. Our rehab equipment is manufactured by trusted and leading brands such as Monark, CET Cryospa, h/p/cosmos and more.

Types of rehabilitation equipment

From simple resistance bands to advanced rehab gym equipment that requires installation, we have rehab products to suit every customer. The most popular items we supply are:

Ice baths

Ideal for athletes and used by many top professional sports teams, across a number of different sports, CET Cryospa ice baths aid recovery from exercise. Benefits include fighting fatigue, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, whilst also reducing the risk of injury.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands help you gradually build up your range of motion and strength. With different resistance levels available, you can create an exercise plan that perfectly suits your client.

Benefits of rehabilitation equipment

The right equipment is essential in any successful rehabilitation programme. Rehab products can help to reverse, alleviate, or restrict many disabling conditions. Physical therapy is a key part of rehabilitation and can benefit those with joint and mobility issues, high blood pressure and more.

Without rehabilitation equipment, an individual’s recovery from injury may take longer, or even be limited. Everyone wants to recover as fast as possible, and sports professionals are usually under tight deadlines to be fighting fit again. Rehab gym equipment has been tried and tested by patients from a range of backgrounds, so you can be confident that we’ll have the right product for the job.

Explore our rehab products at HaB Direct

At HaB Direct, we offer reliable rehabilitation equipment for physiotherapists, medical professionals and sports scientists. Our team of experts will even come to install your new equipment and talk you through how to use it to its full potential.

If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can offer advice on +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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