h/p/cosmos locomotion Rehabilitation Treadmill Ergometer

h/p/cosmos locomotion Rehabilitation Treadmill Ergometer


Those who want to learn to walk … must walk! Therefore, functional training on a treadmill is a key component of a neurological treatment facility. At the same time locomotion in practice is not always easy to implement. It starts when a wheelchair patient begins their therapy.

The h/p/cosmos locomotion system has been optimised for both patient and therapist in neurological rehabilitation.

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Locomotion Rehabilitation Treadmill

Functional training on a locomotion rehabilitation treadmill is a key component of neurological rehabilitation. However, locomotion therapy in practice is not always easy to facilitate. Getting onto the treadmill deck can be a challenge, which is why the h/p/cosmos locomotion treadmill can be customised with an ergonomic wheelchair ramp. Furthermore, the handrails contain telescopic extensions which extend up to 55 cm giving additional support to the patient. The treadmill also features simple to adjust rotating therapist seats on both sides. With excellent lumbar support and corresponding foot supports. There are no obstructive bars from the treadmill frame ensuring the therapist has uninterrupted access to the patient’s legs.

Those who want to learn to walk … must walk!

Among other potential uses in therapy, the possibility of walking downhill with a sufficient gradient (up to 15%) is extremely beneficial. Especially for patients with weakness of the dorsi-flexors. With the single point suspension unweighting system, the patient is also able to turn around on the treadmill in no time at all.

The system will document the results of a patient’s treatment course well. Pressing the stop button, the h/p/cosmos satellite printer (connected directly to the treadmill) prints the comprehensive documentation. The printout includes all relevant exercise results and data such as duration, speed, elevation, distance, heart rate, fitness index, date, time, and even the treadmill serial number for traceability.

Please note: all h/p/cosmos running machines are supplied in white unless otherwise requested.

** h/p/cosmos locomotion neurological rehabilitation biomechanics systems meet the following technical safety standards and legal demands for medical application: MDD class IIb , , IEC EN 60601-1, IEC EN 60601-1-2, IEC EN 60601-1-4, EN 957-1, EN 957-6 and VDE 0750/0751.

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locomotion 150/50 DE med, locomotion 190/65-3p DE med



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