Health Screening & Monitoring Equipment

Health screening helps in the early detection of diseases to create better health outcomes and minimise risk. If a health condition runs in the family, screening can help in developing prevention and treatment plans.

Health Screening & Monitoring

Many professionals use health screening and monitoring equipment, from doctors and vets to sports scientists and coaches. Some tools are even suitable for you to monitor your own health at home.

HaB Direct supplies all the tools you need to perform thorough health assessments. Browse our range of specialist products below.

Applications of health screening equipment

Whether you need to monitor a particular aspect of health or prepare to perform a full screening assessment, there will be a piece of equipment for the job. Some of the common applications of health screening equipment are:

Monitor heart rate

Monitoring heart rate during exercise can determine fitness levels. A high heart rate during minimal exercise could indicate poor fitness, and interventions may need to be developed for the individual. Whereas sports coaches use this metric to see if an athlete is ready to move on to more challenging exercises.

Heart rate monitors are worn like a watch and provide accurate data on activity levels. View our heart rate monitors for sale and start improving your health today.

Measure blood pressure

Blood pressure screening is important because high blood pressure, often referred to as hypertension, doesn’t present any symptoms but can have harsh health implications. Blood pressure monitors provide reliable information about a person’s health and are easy to use. This type of health screening equipment is a staple for those working in the health and medical, sport and fitness, and veterinary sectors.

Physiological monitoring

Physiological monitoring devices provide an advanced solution and are ideal for clinicians, sports scientists and researchers. This type of health monitoring equipment records many aspects of human performance such as heart rate, breathing rate, estimated body temperature, peak force and acceleration. Whether an individual is recovering from an injury or looking to improve their sports performance, physiological monitoring will aid them.

Discover health screening equipment at HaB Direct

At HaB Direct, we offer health screening equipment at competitive prices. Browse our collection to find the best tools for your medical practice, health clinic, sports science lab, veterinary practice, or home. If you require any assistance with your purchase, we can help at +44 (0)1926 816100 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

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