Anthropometric Measuring Tape

Anthropometric Measuring Tape


A non-stretch, fibreglass, retractable anthropometric measuring tape.

This HaB Essentials anthropometric measuring tape is simple and easy to use and has a measuring range of 0 – 150 cm (0 – 60 inches).


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Anthropometric Measuring Tape

Anthropometric measuring tape intended for human and/or animal body measurement.

HaB Essentials’ non-stretch, fibreglass, easily retractable measuring tape has been designed for simple and easy to use. With a measuring range of 0 – 150 cm (0 – 60 inches) and intervals of 1 mm, the tape provides accurate readings for a whole host of body measurements.

The HaB Essentials measuring tape rewinds with a push of a button and is self-enclosed in a compact plastic container. The tape measure is ideal for gyms, small clinics, and doctors’ offices.

The tape measure can be used for body measurement to help calculate % body fat.

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Weight 0.03 kg

0 – 60 inches, 0 – 150 cms




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