Physiological and Biomechanical Monitoring

Zephyr’s system works in three stages. Individuals wear their sensors which record their performance. This data is then transmitted via Bluetooth or ECHO to the OmniSense software. This software analyses and displays the data.

Zephyr Performance Systems is a part of the US-based business Medtronic, and is a pioneer in the use of Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) in training and high-stress operational environments. Its ongoing collaboration with fire departments, NASA Ames Research Centre, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and multiple US Special Forces contracts has been invaluable in the development and validation of Zephyr’s technology, and its application in the most extreme operating environments.

Zephyr has a world class team of engineers, scientists, physiologists and business experts, along with local universities and government labs that augment Zephyr’s internal development in specialised areas such as materials science, garment and textile design, sports science, medical monitoring and software/web applications.