Zephyr BioHarness BTLE ECHO Module (Gen 3)

Zephyr BioHarness BTLE ECHO Module (Gen 3)

SKU: 96000370

The BioHarness 3.0 is a physiological monitoring telemetry device intended for monitoring of adults in the home workplace and alternate care settings. The device consists of a chest strap and an electronics module that attaches to the strap.

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BioHarness BTLE ECHO Module (Gen 3)

This telemetry Physiological Monitoring device stores and transmits vital sign data. Including ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, body orientation, and activity. The BioHarness 3.0 Physiological Monitoring device provides a facility to detect and transmit single lead ECG signals to be received by Bluetooth / USB qualified ECG instruments. Works with various Bluetooth / USB qualified ECG instruments for versatile applications.
Built to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity and dependability.

Physiological Monitoring Device

Designed for seamless integration with the Bioharness Physiological Status Monitoring System and Integrator Kits. This single replacement module ensures continuous and reliable monitoring of physiological parameters. Ideal for both individual and professional use, the BioHarness BTLE ECHO Module enhances health monitoring accuracy and efficiency.

Please Note: This is a single replacement module for the Bioharness. It does not include a BioModule charger, cords, or straps.

Enhance your health monitoring capabilities with the BioHarness BTLE ECHO Module (Gen 3), the essential component for your Physiological Status Monitoring System.

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