Zephyr Integrator Kits (Puck, Charger, Large Strap)

Zephyr Integrator Kits (Puck, Charger, Large Strap)

SKU: 96000382

The next generation of Zephyr’s™ technology. The BioHarness system is an advanced Physiological and Biomechanical Monitoring system that comprises class one BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE) technology, has a smaller form factor and provides heart rate, breathing rate, and 3-axis accelerometery to name only some.

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Zephyr Integrator Kit

The Zephyr Integrator Kit is built to meet the needs of Professional Athletes, NASA and U.S. Special Forces, the Zephyr™ is so technologically advanced that other systems were in keeping with it.This kit does not include software, which can be requested separately.

The Zephyr™ system’s estimated core body temperature gauge can help protect against heat-related injuries. With a proven record of success in programs like Howard University football – where it may have saved a student athlete’s life – it’s your best protection against the heat.

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