Cryospa Recovery Ice Baths

CET Cryospa is unique because it relies on four basic factors. The low temperature means that cells suffer from less hypoxic injury, less fluid will accumulate in the area of injury, and the cold will act as a topical analgesic. Secondly, the high salt concentration of the ice baths not only sanitises the injury but will lead to quicker healing times. The ice baths are deep so more physical pressure is exerted on the tissues, allowing for the area of injury to be compressed. Finally, Cryospa therapy features water aeration. This results in an increased oxygen level of the water which further aids the healing process.

Moreover, leisure centres, fitness clubs, sports therapy, recovery clinics, military and emergency services are now offering CET Cryospa therapy. Typical customers include elite athletes as well as the general public. Some CET Cryospa clients include The British Olympic Association, The English National Ballet, Loughborough University, Manchester City Football Club and more.