CET CoolSpa Ice Bath

CET CoolSpa Ice Bath

The latest innovation from CET CryoSpa, the CET CoolSpa is a single person ice bath.

The CoolSpa ice bath is the perfect budget solution for any individual, combining performance with a hygienic environment.

It’s simple and easy installation process makes it ideal for installation within any commercial or professional facility, or even within a private residential property.

Available for purchase upon enquiry.

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CET CoolSpa Ice Bath

The CET CoolSpa is a single-user ice bath, offering exceptional but affordable cold-water-immersion therapy, with market-leading levels of filtration.

It’s clever design provides individuals with a professional recovery medium, incorporating a handheld jet for strategic targeting of soft tissue trauma when required. And all within a reasonable budget. The CET CoolSpa is perfect for installation at ‘home’ due to its simple and easy ‘plug and play’ design.

The digitally controlled chilling is backed up with high specification filtration ensuring the CET CoolSpa salt-water ice bath is easy for the amateur athlete to manage at home.

The CoolSpa can also be suitable for those seeking relief from long term pain associated with many auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis as well as acute and chronic lower back pain.

Three treatment modalities:

  • Stand on the step and you will be submerged to mid-high
  • Stand in the deep end and you will be submerged to waist deep
  • Sitting on the step and you will have full submersion

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CET CryoSpa

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


Features include

  • Superior filtration
  • Manual attachment for targeted injury treatment
  • Effective continuous chilling
  • Optimum therapeutic water depth
  • High salt concentration to promote healing
  • Optional Stainless steel brackets for wall mounting the chiller.
  • Low noise low temperature chiller
  • Air operated switches
  • Dry run protection to avoid damage to pump and chiller.
  • Easy to maintain saving on labour and cost
  • 50sq ft filtration keeps the water clear
  • Inside step to facilitate entry and exit
  • Short treatment times due to intense cold
  • High quality low temperature digitally controlled chiller
  • High salt concentration aids infection control


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