Nissei MT-500 Thermometer (Non-contact)

Nissei MT-500 Thermometer (Non-contact)

SKU: MT500

MT-500 is a non-contact type thermometer offering simple temperature readings by holding it close to the forehead and pressing the measurement button on the body.  Made in Japan and designed for professionals to be used with confidence in the fields of medical and nursing care.

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MT-500 Thermometer

The Nissei MT-500 Thermometer is very simple to use. Simply bring the device close to the forehead and press the measurement button and wait for the beep. The reading completes in about one second. The device has a built in distance sensor that makes measurements consistently achieve highly accurate readings of body temperatures within approximately 4 cm for accurate temperature readings every time.

Ideal for professional healthcare settings

It also has modes for measuring the temperature of objects and rooms. Additionally, it has a memory that stores the results from 10 body and 10 object temperature readings. The MT-500 is for professional use in medical institutions and is intended for use with patients of all ages except for pre-term infants and small for gestational age newborns.

Additional information

Weight 0.058 kg
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 5 cm


  • Max.: 42.5 °C (108.5 °
  • Min.: 34 °C (93.2 °F
  • Equipped with a Bluetooth function, MT-500BT may be synchronized with NISSEI’s smartphone app “HealStyle”
  • Built-in measurement distance sensor
  • Object Measurement range: 0.0 to +100.0 ℃
  • Room Air Temperature Measurement range: -10.0 to +45.0 ℃



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