seca CardioPad-2 ECG System

seca CardioPad-2 ECG System

SKU: SCardiopad2

The seca CardioPad-2 is an easy-to-handle, ultra-lightweight and portable, and fast, touch-screen 12-lead ECG with Wi-Fi and advanced interpretation.

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seca CardioPad-2

The seca CardioPad-2 is a fast, easy-to-handle, ultra-lightweight and portable, touch-screen 12-lead ECG with Wi-Fi and advanced interpretation and has a high-volume internal memory, capable of storing up to 350 ECGs.

Ultra-portable, easy to handle and fast

It’s time to increase your mobility for ECG recordings with the ultra-portable seca Cardiopad-2. As the next generation of seca’s innovative and trendsetting CardioPad, it has become even lighter. Although it’s extremely compact, it features an in-built printer, renders 12 lead ECG traces simultaneously and is capable of processing data to your EMR system. It is fully equipped and has all the functions aboard to support fast, precise and comfortable cardiac diagnostics.

Large range of interpretation algorithms

The seca CardioPad-2 is equipped with a vast range of diagnostic functions like the CCAA (optional). The Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm is used in emergency departments and outside the hospital whenever a fast decision on chest pain is required as a matter of urgency. It locates the obstruction site in the coronary artery and thereby the size of the cardiac area at risk. The ETM Sport interpretation module is specially designed for athletes and is based on the Seattle Criteria. Furthermore, a large range of QTc formulas is provided, for example, Bazett, Fredericia, Fremingham or Hodges.


  • 12 lead ECG with 8″ colour high-resolution multi-touch screen
  • Ultra-lightweight easy to use device, weighing only 1.1kg
  • Compatible with all leading EMR systems – EMIS, SystmOne, Vision and others
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and seca link software included as standard
  • Anatomical hook-up adviser – helps to correctly place the electrodes
  • Lead reversal, warnings and misplaced electrodes are immediately displayed before ECG acquisition
  • High-volume internal memory: storage of up to 350 ECGs
  • Advanced ETM Interpretation, with ETM Sport (Seattle Criteria)
  • Integrated print function


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