Biosig Insta Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Biosig Insta Pulse Heart Rate Monitor


The Biosig Insta-Pulse heart rate monitors use state-of-the-art electronics through their custom designs and electronic components.

Insta-Pulse is a strapless fitness heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate simply, instantly and accurately during a workout or training, without requiring a cumbersome chest belt or earlobe attachment. You simply grasp the Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor with both hands and it will continuously update your heart rate, measuring the effectiveness of your workout.

Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors automatically turn on (when you clasp the monitor at each end) and off; are water and shock-proof.



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Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors have won worldwide recognition and numerous international awards and use state-of-the-art electronics through its custom designed and manufactured electronic components, making them last for many years. They are popular in the fitness industry and are ideal for measuring personal fitness.

Because Insta-Pulse heart rate monitors are hand-held, they can be shared while out jogging with friends or family, and they can be used anywhere, anytime, before, during and after your exercise or sports training.

The Biosig Insta Pulse 11” model is the most popular and well-known model and is a versatile, reliable and durable fitness monitor.

Thanks to the patented technology of each Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor, there is no need for cumbersome attachments, allowing you – and clients – to monitor heart rate simply by holding it in your hands during jogging or when using fitness machines.

All Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitors are water and shock resistant, with a durable polycarbonate plastic shell and operate on a standard 9-volt battery. Each comes in its own storage case.

The Biosig Insta Pulse With Wall Mount is the most widely known and preferred heart rate monitoring instrument used by clubs, schools and fitness institutions around the world. The patented and rugged design has been designed to withstand heavy traffic in the fitness club environment, and this model has been used by astronauts for fitness training.

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