Roche Cobas b 101 Blood Analyser

Roche Cobas b 101 Blood Analyser

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The Roche cobas b 101 is a one-stop in vitro diagnostics (IVD), point of care (Poc) device for the quantitative evaluation of clinical chemistry assays and immunoassays using the cobas b 101 test discs to measure HbA1c, lipids and CRP.


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Roche cobas b 101 system

The Roche cobas b 101 is a one-stop, Point of Care (PoC) in vitro diagnostics (IVD) device to measure HbA1c, lipid panel, and CRP.


Easy and safe operation

The cobas b 101 system allows for the direct blood application from a single, small finger prick sample (2μl for HbA1c, 19μl for lipids, and 12μl for CRP). No system calibration is needed, and additionally, the device is maintenance and service-free. For ease of use,  users can follow the guidance provided by the graphical user interface (GUI).

Fast turnaround time

From patient preparation to displaying a dual test result, it takes less than 15 minutes. For a single test, results are available in approximately 6 minutes (CRP is available in less than 4 minutes). Users can choose between single HbA1c, lipid panel, and CRP testing, or dual HbA1c and lipid panel tests.

System characteristics

The device is user-friendly, with a large touchscreen, full keyboard, and multiple language support. It has a robust, maintenance- and calibration-free design, with a wide operating and humidity range.

Connection to cobas Infinity POC IT solutions is seamless, as is connecting to an external printer or barcode scanner to allow for improved workflow and documentation. Data can also be downloaded to a USB stick and then transferred to a PC or downloaded to an IT solution installed on a PC.


  • IVD testing system
  • Measures HbA1c, lipid panel, and CRP
  • Simple, quick, and easy-to-use Point of Care (PoC) device
  • Single testing results in about 6 minutes (CRP in less than 4 minutes)
  • Small sample size:
    • 2 μl for HbA1c
    • 19 μl for lipid panel
    • 12μl for CRP
  • Fresh capillary blood, K2 or K3-EDTA, or lithium heparin anticoagulated venous whole blood can be used for HbA1c
  • Fresh capillary blood, K2 or K3-EDTA anticoagulated whole blood, or plasma can be used for lipids (CHOL, TRIG, HDL-CHOL, LDL, non-HDL)
  • Fresh capillary blood or serum, K2 or K3-EDTA, or lithium heparin anticoagulated whole blood or plasma can be used for CRP
  • An external printer or barcode scanner allows improved workflow and documentation
  • Data download to USB stock and then to a PC or data download to IT solutions installed on a PC


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