Teesside University’s Evolution in the Field of Clinical Research

Two Roche Cobus 101 units and a EKF Hemo Control

Teesside University, in their commitment to advancing clinical research and fostering a top-tier teaching environment, forged a recent collaboration with HaB Direct. Supported by NHS funding, this joint effort aimed to elevate the university’s proficiency in lipid and haemoglobin analysis, as well as emphasis on incorporating another cutting-edge treadmill into their research facility. Notably, Teesside University has been a customer of HaB Direct for the past two decades.

The Research Vision at Teesside University

Due to the university’s ongoing research endeavors, a clinic was conceived to delve into the health characteristics of the general population in the local area. Seeking to explore lipid and haemoglobin analysis along with incorporating a treadmill for comprehensive physiological studies. Discussions were initiated with Phill, a key collaborator, who then presented various options to the wider academic team at Teesside.

Collaboration with HaB: A Long-Standing Partnership

The University’s established relationship with HaB Direct, spanning two decades, played a pivotal role in the realization of their ambitious research goals. Known for its continuous expansion, decided to add a fourth h/p/cosmos treadmill to their collection, choosing the quasar med. This acquisition marked a significant milestone in their pursuit of cutting-edge clinical research. Funding for the equipment came through a grant in conjunction with the NHS.

In addition to the treadmill, they invested in two Roche Cobas 101 units and an EKF hemo control. Creating a comprehensive suite of blood analysis protocols within their new clinic. Talks between HaB and the university began in June, with funding secured by August. A dedicated team from HaB Direct, comprising of Tom, Pete, and Stuart, worked tirelessly in late November to install the equipment. The team were supported throughout by Phill and Marcus from the Tech team at Teesside.

About the Products

The h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill is an excellent choice for universities focused on sports science, physical therapy, and medical research. Its advanced functionality and high user weight capacity cater to a wide range of users, from athletes to rehabilitation patients. The treadmill’s integration with other devices, such as CPET systems and ECG systems, along with its safety features and durability, make it a valuable investment. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a tool that can enhance the university’s reputation in health and sports science disciplines.

The Roche Cobas 101, known for its compact efficiency and advanced technology, is suitable for university labs in biochemistry, pharmacology, sport science and medicine. This system offers a broad range of testing capabilities, capable of measuring blood parameters such as C-reactive protein (CRP), HbA1C and Lipid Panel, vital for detailed biochemical studies and pharmaceutical research. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with laboratory systems simplify data management and enhance the educational experience. Additionally, its cost-effectiveness and potential to attract research funding make it a wise addition to any forward-thinking institution.

The EKF Diagnostics Hemo Control is notable for its precise measurement of haemoglobin and haematocrit. This portable and robust device is well-suited for classroom teaching and field research, providing quick results with minimal maintenance. It’s an essential tool for departments such as sports science, nutrition, and public health, offering hands-on learning opportunities for students. The Hemo Control enhances the university’s research capabilities, while ensuring compliance with industry standards, making it a reliable asset for any educational institution.

HaB Team and Client Testimonials

Reflecting on the collaboration, the HaB team expressed their enthusiasm for being part of such a significant project at Teesside University. Commending the university for its commitment to providing a world-class teaching environment for its students.

Appreciating HaB Direct’s professionalism and the valuable insights shared during the installation process, Phill and Marcus gave the team accolades. Especially for their efficient delivery and installation of the new h/p/cosmos quasar med treadmill. Despite the challenges posed by a busy teaching schedule and limited access to first-floor labs, the team dismantled and reassembled the treadmill in the desired location.

Successful Installation and Future Plans

Results were promising, with the client expressing satisfaction with both the installation process and the quality of the product. With a standalone lab dedicated to clinical work, Teesside University is poised for groundbreaking research in the coming years.

Looking ahead, plans are already in motion for HaB Direct to assist with the move to a new facility. They continue to evolve as a hub for cutting-edge research. Successful integration of advanced equipment sets the stage for groundbreaking discoveries in the field of clinical science.

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