Blood Analyser

A range of lactate analysers for testing blood lactate. These are useful for sports scientists and coaches for measuring the by-product, lactate, in athletes. Measuring the concentration of blood lactate is common practice during performance testing of athletes. A blood lactate test helps a coach to understand and prescribe an exercise intensity for each of their athletes. It also helps to evaluate an underlying pathology during a stress test in athletes.

Quality Handheld Blood Analysers

At HaB Direct we offer a range of precision made blood analysers for use in the field and in the lab.

A hand-held blood analyser, such as the industry standard Lactate Pro 2 and bestselling Lactate Scout 4, both offer portable blood lactate testing.

Lab analysers at HaB Direct offer glucose and blood lactate testing, such as the EKF Diagnostics Altair™️ 240 that offers full chemistry analysis. Biosen, from EKF Diagnostics, provides lab accurate glucose and blood lactate measurement in one test.

If you are unsure which blood analyser will meet your needs, our friendly sales team is available to help. You can call us on 01926 816100 or contact us via our website.

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