EKF Diagnostics Lactate Scout Sport Blood Analyser

EKF Diagnostics Lactate Scout Sport Blood Analyser


EKF Diagnostics’s Lactate Scout Sport is a hand-held lactate measurement device for the purpose of monitoring athletic training.

The new Lactate Scout Sport replaces the Lactate Scout 4 blood lactate analyser.

Find the Lactate Scout Sport Test Strips here and the Lactate Scout Check Solution here.



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Lactate Scout Sport

EKF Diagnostics’s Lactate Scout Sport is a simple and reliable lactate meter, perfect for training outdoors, in the gym or for analysing performance in a laboratory.

The Lactate Scout Sport is designed for field. Ideal for both coaches and athletes to rapidly measure lactate levels. From this measurement, it is possible to assess athlete endurance levels, devise optimum training programmes, avoid over-training and use metabolic information to help set target heart rate zones.

Fast, accurate and reliable lactate measurement

The device needs only a drop of finger prick blood (0.5 – 25 mmol/L) for precise lactate measurement. Results are provided in just 10 seconds using the enzymatic amperometric detection method. Pocket-sized for easy portability- use it anywhere at any time.

It features single and step-test measurements (resting/exercise/recreation) and can store up to 500 results. It also offers a stopwatch function and connection to heart rate monitors compatible to Bluetooth® Low Energy for linking to lactate value. The lactate analyser also compensates for the influence of low and high hematocrit levels.

The device itself requires 2 x CR2450 batteries and can perform over 1,000 tests in the field or in the lab, with an operating range of 10 – 45°C and max. 85% humidity.

Find the Test Strips here and the Check Solution here.


  • Insert/remove test strip to turn on/off
  • Simplified navigation to enable flexibility whilst training
  • Only 0.2 μl of capillary blood required
  • Pre-calibrated test strips
  • Device calibrated by simple coding
  • Lactate measurement value, date/time, measuring mode, temperature and memory ID on a single display
  • Automatic self test
  • Enzymatic amperometric detection method
  • Results within 10 seconds
  • Measuring range: 0.5 – 25 mmol/L
  •  At normal Hct Range (35-50%): 0.5-6.7 mmol/L Blood Lactate ≤0.2mmol/L, 6.8 – 25.0 mmol/L Blood Lactate ≤3%. At hematocrit values outside the stated range higher deviations are possible
  • Compensates for the influence of low and high hematocrit levels (20 – 70%)
  • Check solutions available for function control


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