h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm ef 900 Upper Body Arm Ergometer

h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm ef 900 Upper Body Arm Ergometer


The Torqualizer Arm ef 900 by h/p/cosmos redefines upper body and arm endurance training. This innovative ergometer comes in both Sport & Fitness and Medical models, offering RPM-dependent and Independent modes to suit your training needs.

The main working of the h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm ergometer can unit easily be moved up and down for seated or standing work, whilst the seat can also be removed completely to allow easy access for wheelchair users. The unit can be used both in a forward and backward motion.

A multi-coloured, back-lit display provides users with bio-feedback on an easy to read display.

Not only do h/p/cosmos produce their world renowned high-performance and rehabilitation treadmills, they also produce Sport & Fitness and Medical model variant upper body arm ergometers.

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torqualizer arm ef 900 Upper Body Arm Ergometer

The main unit of the h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm boasts a gas spring adjustable drive unit, ensuring effortless vertical adaptation for both seated and standing workouts. Users with mobility concerns will find great assistance in the optional adjustable arm crank length, enhancing accessibility.

The horizontally adjustable seat enhances user comfort. Moreover, it can be fully removed, facilitating wheelchair access with ease. The h/p/cosmos torqualizer arm ergometer features an intuitive, multicolored, backlit display. Bio-feedback data is presented on-screen in a clear manner, optimizing your workout experience.

Your Ultimate Upper Body Arm Ergometer

Unlike electric-powered devices, the Torqualizer Arm EF 900 doesn’t require a fixed power source. This portability allows you to position it conveniently anywhere within your facility, making the most of your available space. With its RS232 interface, the Torqualizer Arm EF 600 can seamlessly connect with external devices, expanding its functionality.

Enjoy the flexibility of both forward and backward motion during your workouts, enhancing the range of exercises you can perform.


Additional information

Model Variations

torqualizer® arm ef 600, incl. crank lever adjustable in length, torqualizer® arm ef med 600 wall incl. crank lever adjustable in length

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • Display: Multicolored backlit display with bio-feedback
  • Connectivity: RS232 interface (not galvanically isolated)
  • Motion: Forward and backward movement as a standard feature (basic program package included)
  • Drive Unit: Gas spring adjustable drive unit
  • Adaptability: Adjustable height for training while standing or seated
  • Seating: Horizontally adjustable seat
  • Accessibility: Easy seat removal for wheelchair access
  • Modes: RPM-dependent and independent modes for versatile training routines


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