h/p/cosmos robowalk expander system

h/p/cosmos robowalk expander system

SKU: cos30022-C

The h/p/cosmos robowalk expander rehabilitation system is the leading technology for rehabilitation: mobilisation, motion support, locomotion, functional training and gait training.

It is a rubber cable pull system designed for use with h/p/cosmos treadmills. The patient’s legs are attached to the robowalk expander system via cuffs that then give motion support or resistance during gait motion.

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h/p/cosmos Robowalk Expander System

The h/p/cosmos robowalk expander benefits both the patient and therapist during rehabilitation treatment, by supporting the forward force of movement (the therapist does not have to move the patient’s limbs manually). As the patient is walking, the cables assist the movement of their legs. Adjustment to the angle of the support/resistance cables either horizontally or vertically makes it possible to correct the patient’s movement.

Ideal for therapists

The robowalk expander is easy to user and therapist will appreciate the simple settings. Forces and angles of tension cables are set individually via raster holes to match the skills of the patient or the requirements of the therapist. The flexibility of the expander cables allows movement setting from almost any point in front of/behind the patient. Once the perfect setting has been found for the patient, the setting number can be recorded. This ensures that any future setups are efficient and tailored to the patient.

An important accessory when working with the robowalk expander technology is the h/p/cosmos safety arch.



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