h/p/cosmos Robomove Expander

h/p/cosmos Robomove Expander

SKU: cos101659va-ROBO

The h/p/cosmos Robomove Expander is an extraction of the successful h/p/cosmos robowalk® technology.

Designed to be mounted on a wall, the Robomove is an elastic cable exercise device with a wide range of training and therapy methodologies, suitable for use without a treadmill.

However, it is compatible with all kinds of treadmill models.

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h/p/cosmos Robomove Expander

The h/p/cosmos Robomove expander is similar to a conventional cable exercise device, suitable for use is fitness, orthopaedic as well as neurological rehabilitation facilities.

The subject’s arms and/or legs are attached to the elastic cables with nooses/cuffs. The elastic cables generate movement support during exercise or resistance during concentric exercise. By adjusting the angle of the support/resistance and the force vectors through guide pulleys, movement correction is also possible. Adjustments of force angles are simple and easy to do – readable scales offer fast reproduction of settings.

Benefits of the Robomove

  • space-saving resistance trainer, lightweight, without weight stack plates
  • vertically or horizontally mountable and adjustable
  • the resistance is much more constant and has less progressive force curves over the entire range of motion compared to most other expander systems
  • low maintenance; simple and easy to use
  • up to 4 cables with a maximum 50 Newton (~5 kg) each

Applications of the Robomove

  • exercise therapy
  • applicable for fitness as well as for orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation
  • co-ordination and functional training
  • strength and endurance training – suitable for slow and fast movements

The Robomove works very well with the Dynamic Movement Skills Mat Training System, helping to identify compensation weaknesses and develop movement patterns under resistance.

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1.2m, 2m

Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

Can only be shipped to UK and Ireland


  • 2 nooses for hand or leg
  • 8 screws and dowels for wall mount


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