h/p/cosmos Safety Arch 65, Harness & Chest Belt

h/p/cosmos Safety Arch 65, Harness & Chest Belt

SKU: COS10170

Includes harness and chest belt.

Fall protection for all applications (mandatory for high-risk applications); for running surface 65 cm wide.

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h/p/Cosmos Safety Arch 65

An indispensable accessory for stress testing, accident prevention and for the general safety of athletes: The h/p/cosmos safety arch with fall stop and harness incl. one chest belt medium size. Automatic stop of the running belt at the moment a fall occurs. The chest belt secures the subject and prevents falling over to the front. The chest belt straps do not pinch or restrict the athlete.

Dimensions and minimum ceiling heights using the h/p/cosmos safety arch

Quasar at 0%:  251 cm / 98.8 inches
Quasar max elevation: 268 cm / 105.5 inches
Pulsar at 0%:  251 cm / 98.8 inches
Pulsar max elevation: 268 cm / 105.5 inches

Max. body weight: 200 kg / 441 lbs

For running surfaces: 65cm wide


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