Bodystat Report Pads

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Report pads for the use with Bodystat’s 1500 series bio-impedance analysers.

This pad of approximately 50 A5 sized Bodystat report sheets is ideal for the manual recording of body composition analysis data using Bodystat’s 1500 and 1500MDD¬† bio-impendence analysers.

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A pad of approximately 50 Bodystat report sheets for use with Bodystat’s bio-impendence analysers.

Not got a printer yet? Use the tried and tested A5 sized Bodystat report pad to record your client’s results instead. Intuitively simple and easy to use, this pad of report sheets allows users to quickly record and present data from Bodystat’s 1500 and 1500 MDD devices for their clients.

These Bodystat report pads allow comparisons between values recorded using Bodystat devices and recommended values for individual clients. This is perfect for individualising client training programmes.

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Weight 0.146 kg

50 per pad


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