POWERbreathe Flow-Ball Ultra® (Box of 10)

POWERbreathe Flow-Ball Ultra® (Box of 10)


This Flow-Ball Ultra is an updated and improved version of the original Flow-Ball breath control device for singers and musicians, as well as children who will appreciate this fun way of training their breathing.

The objective when using the Flow-Ball Ultra is to try to keep one of the two balls provided, as stable as possible in the air using the control of your exhalation.



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The Flow-Ball Ultra® by POWERbreathe

Targets and challenges your breathing control, helping to increase the control and stability of your exhaled airflow.

The Flow-ball Ultra® is particularly useful for musicians and singers who need to control and sustain their breathing. It is also a lot of fun and makes for a great party game, perfectly combining breathing exercises and play!

Flow-Ball Ultra Features

  • 8 levels of resistance
  • 2 balls of different weights and materials

Breath Control Training

With the Flowball Ultra, you are able to optimise your exhalation by controlling your exhale against a resistance. And, by using one of the two weighted balls, you are also able to easily visualise how well you are able to control your exhaled column of air. The two different sized openings in the handle of the Flow-Ball Ultra also help to restrict your airflow, which, when combined with the weighted balls, provide 8 difference levels of breathing resistance.


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