Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes

Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes

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Written by respiratory experts, Professor John Dickinson and James Hull, respiratory physician, the Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes introduces the respiratory system and its function when exercising; discusses scientific principles and guidance on the practical application for the management of respiratory issues in athletic populations.

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Respiratory Care in Athletes

The Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes is written for medical, scientific and therapy practitioners who are working with athletes with respiratory issues and is also valuable to students of sports medicine, sports therapy, and sport and exercise science courses.

The Complete Guide to Respiratory Care in Athletes includes the following topics:

  • respiratory system function during exercise
  • impact of the environment on the upper and lower airways
  • asthma related issues in athletes
  • allergic rhinitis in athletes
  • exercise induced laryngeal obstruction
  • exercise induced dysfunctional breathing paterns
  • respiratory muscle training
  • role of screening for respiratory issues in athletes
  • assessing and dealing with respiratory infections in athletes

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  1. The Respiratory System and Exercise
  2. Respiratory Limitations to Exercise
  3. The Environment and Its Impact on Respiratory Health
  4. Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction in Athletes
  5. Diagnosis of Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction
  6. Pharmacological Treatment of Asthma Related Issues in Athletes
  7. Non-Pharmacological Management of Asthma Related Issues in Athletes
  8. Nasal Problems in the Athlete
  9. Exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction
  10. Dealing with Respiratory Infection in Athletes
  11. Breathing Pattern Disorders in Athletes
  12. Role of Respiratory Muscle Training to Treat Exercise Respiratory Symptoms
  13. Epilogue: Optimising Care for Respiratory issues in Athletes


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