Douglas Bag Cart Systems

Douglas Bag Cart Systems


The custom built HaB Douglas Bag Collection System.

The HaB Douglas Bag Collection System is custom built by our highly skilled technical engineers and can be used in conjunction with either the Hitech or Servomex Gas Analysis units.



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Douglas Bag Cart System

Designed for the analysis of expired gases, HaB have created a Douglas Cart System that is as compact as possible, yet functional and high quality. All HaB Douglas Bag Cart Systems offer a return loop as standard so that sampled air can be returned to the bag. As they are made to order, we can also try to incorporate any specific requests that you may require.

Please contact us for details of bespoke options, including different sized Douglas Bags (from 5 to 1000 ltrs).

Please note that the colour of the board on the cart is now a pale grey.

Due to the bespoke nature of the Cart Systems, lead times may be up to 12 weeks.


Additional information

Weight N/A

100 litres, 100 litres plus Dry Gas Meter, 200 litres, 200 litres plus Dry Gas Meter

Lead time

Please note there is a 4 week lead time on the Douglas Bag Cart System.

Dry Gas Meter

Dry Gas Meter (230V)

This industrial dry gas meter has been adapted specifically for experimental use.

Diaphragm-type, positive displacement meter (accurate to ±1.5%)

Optically-coupled detector drives a 4-digit LED display in cumulative 0.1 litre increments (range: 0.1 – 999.9 L); electrical zero reset
A 2.5 mm output socket produces a TTL compatible, 5 V pulse with each 0.1 liter increment.

Operates on 9V transistor battery (included)

The inlet and outlet tubing connections fit the two most frequently selected hose sizes for gas equipment. Hoses with a nominal bore of 22 mm fit directly onto the first step of the connectors. A tapered fitting accepts the 30 mm airway systems with such equipment as Douglas Bags.

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