Douglas Bag 150 Litre

SKU: 501072

These Douglas Bags are made of tough, polyvinyl chloride and have electrically welded seams. They are lighter and more flexible than rubber bags and less gas permeable, to minimise measurement errors.

Please note image shown includes items other than the bag. This item, if purchased, is just for the Douglas Bag.

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Douglas Bag 150 Litre

Douglas bag system, is a piece of equipment used in physiology and exercise science to collect and measure the volume of exhaled air, particularly for the purpose of analysing respiratory gases such as oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The bag is equipped with a valve system that allows the subject to breathe in ambient air (inhale) and then directs their exhaled breath into the bag during the collection phase for gas analysis.

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Weight 5 kg

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