h/p/cosmos comet Sprint Trainer Ergometer

h/p/cosmos comet Sprint Trainer Ergometer

SKU: cos30015va-COMET

The h/p/cosmos comet is a sprint trainer for traction resistance and traction support sprint training. If you want to sprint faster you need to train at higher speeds and this can be facilitated using the h/p/cosmos comet.

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 h/p/cosmos comet Sprint Trainer

Developed specifically for sprint training, the h/p/cosmos comet has been developed for tensile resistance training to improve running speed. One of the great benefits of the h/p/cosmos comet sprint trainer is the traction resistance. It is adjustable electronically independent from the speed of the subject and is independent from the running direction of the subject. With up tp 30 kg tensile resistance available, the equipment is effective for amateurs and top athletes alike. (Note: higher levels of resistance available on request).

The h/p/cosmos comet is combining well-established training methodologies with sophisticated electronic equipment which easily adjusts and offers reproducible results. It opens the door to new methods and dimensions within the development of neuromuscular coordinative training. Therefore combining with power enhancement training.

Quicker through over-frequency

Ideal for sprint training with over-frequency. The special feature is the constant, accurate and electronically adjustable tensile support. During the start phase especially with lower tensile support. An elastic rope connection is necessary, correspondingly helping to keep the 100 m long and thin rope tight in the acceleration phase.

As a result the tensile support can be correctly adjusted for every athlete in every training phase by means of the potentiometer. The coach can adjust level of tensile support during the sprint with the potentiometer so that different phases can be accented.

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h/p/cosmos Comet, h/p/cosmos Comet 3P


0 – 53 km/h, 0 – 14.72 m/s, 0 – 32.93 mph


From 0% to 100%

Traction Force/Resistance

0 – 333 N, 0 – 30 kg

Length of Rope



  • Emergency-stop switch on the control panel of the motor
  • Switch on logic, the speed regulator can only be activated at zero power (0%) and if the stabilizer is pulled out
  • Switch off if the rope breaks
  • Switch off by reaching the close danger area 5m in front of the device



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