Noraxon Goniometer SmartLead

Noraxon Goniometer SmartLead

SKU: NX808

The Ultium Goniometer SmartLead can be used to measure and quantify 2D angles, such as joint angles, spine flexion, etc., during physical activity.

The Noraxon Goniometer SmartLead must be used in conjunction with a Noraxon Ultium EMG system.

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Goniometer SmartLead

The Noraxon Ultium EMG Goniometer SmartLead can be used for applications such as planar joint angle measurement and joint angle range of motion.

High resolution

The Goniometer provides 2D angle measurements, with high resolution (0.006 degrees), high accuracy (± 2 degrees) and high sampling rate (500/1,000Hz). The Goniometers are available in standard lengths of 65mm and 150mm, non-standard lengths are available.

Required Software

  • MR3.12 or newer
  • myoMuscle Module


  • 2D angle measurement
  • High resolution
  • Measurement axes: 2 (X and Y)
  • Sample Rate: 500/1,000Hz
  • Nominal Input Range: ± 150 degrees
  • Resolution: 0.006 degrees
  • Accuracy: ± 2 degrees
  • X-Y Crosstalk: ± 5% for deflections under 60 degrees


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