Noraxon Ultium Wireless Surface EMG

Noraxon Ultium Wireless Surface EMG

SKU: NX810-c

The Noraxon Ultium Wireless Surface EMG is a research-grade Wireless EMG system equipped with high sampling rate & resolution, low baseline noise, versatile SmartLead options, and powerful wireless communication.

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Ultium Wireless EMG

Noraxon Ultium Wireless EMG sensors sample up to 4,000 times per second, synchronize in real-time, and demonstrate low baseline noise (<1 μV RMS) with minimal native artifacts. The implementation of IMU enables you to record both EMG and movement data.

Electromyography (EMG) measures the muscle response or electrical activity by way of a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. Surface EMG signals use non-invasive electrodes on the surface of the skin above the muscle to assess muscle function. Furthermore, it’s used to understand how well the brain and musculoskeletal system are coordinated. Surface EMG is an important part of physiology and biomechanics research. It has also been developed as a useful evaluation tool for rehabilitation, sports performance, and ergonomics.

The system features a variety of patented SmartLeads, which transform the Noraxon Ultium Wireless Surface EMG device into a versatile sensor for virtually any type of kinesiological data. It also supports complete data recovery with Lossless technology. Each Ultium sensor includes lifetime battery replacement.

Ultium EMG has been featured in a groundbreaking research article titled “The Influence of Customized Mouthguards on the Muscular Activity of the Masticatory Muscles at Maximum Bite and Motor Performance During Static and Dynamic Exercises.“. Conducted by researchers at the esteemed Institute of Sports Medicine and Prevention in Leipzig, Germany, this study delves into the fascinating realm of custom mouthguards and their impact on muscular activity and motor performance.

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  • EMG SAMPLING RATE Up to 4,000 Hz
  • EMG HIGH PASS FILTERS Software selectable (5/10/20Hz)
  • EMG LOW PASS FILTERS Software selectable (500/1000/1500Hz)
  • ELECTRODE IMPEDANCE TEST Integrated into sensors
  • INTERNAL MEMORY >8 hours of data storage
  • ANALOG OUTPUT Up to 32 channels available
  • BIOMECHANICAL SENSORS 8+ Smart Lead sensors available


This Noraxon ultium Wireless Surface EMG and (FMD-T, Zebris) pressure distribution measurements, combined with the h/p/cosmos quasar treadmill, is used in this research that finds that this ‘Unilateral non-electric assistive walking device helps neurological and orthopedic patients to improve gait patterns’. Furthermore, it suggests that the tested device,

“may help to improve patients’ functional health status and quality of life.”


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The Ultium EMG system


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