zebris FDM-T Treadmill System for Gait Analysis

zebris FDM-T Treadmill System for Gait Analysis

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The zebris FDM-T System is especially designed to analyse dynamic gait patterns, integrated with an existing treadmill machine. This sophisticated, first-rate system is invaluable to physiotherapists and researchers alike as it captures and analyses natural gait movement in a broad variety of different conditions.

zebris has over 20 year’s experience in the world of biomechanics and is one of the leading suppliers of professional measuring systems for force distribution movement measurement, with measuring systems shipped worldwide for application in science and everyday clinical usage.

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Developed using the same precise, top of the range technology as the rest of zebris’ FDM series, the FDM-T is fully equipped to measure and analyse the gait patterns of a variety of individuals, from rehabilitation patients to research subjects. With high-quality plates with an integrated sensor matrix, the FDM-T measures the distribution of weight on each foot.

Cutting-edge Gait Analysis

The advantage with the FDM-T comes with its seamless integration with treadmill systems, such as those produced by h/p/cosmos. The provided software developed by zebris automatically compensates for the movement of the treadmill, so the gait pattern analysis is as stable as it would be on a stationary platform. Both of these factors aid in capturing natural movement, be it walking, running or jumping, giving the operator the most accurate gait and distribution analysis yet.

Along with gait analysis, the FDM-T allows for rehabilitation to be carried out in real-time. Using the evaluation software, gait training can be carried out in a virtual running environment, where the patient and the doctor can both get instant, visual feedback on their steps. This allows them to make minute adjustments as part of an integrated therapy session. In addition to this, the operator can gradually increase the difficulty of the environment, adding inclines and obstacles in the path.


In order to fully optimise the FDM-T for your personal needs, there are a range of add-on accessories for the system. The FDM-T comes fully equipped for video synchronisation, in order to further capture the patient’s gait and walk-cycle. Using the SYNCCAM software, the virtual running environment and test conditions can be enhanced quickly and easily. As well as this, the software available for the FDM-T boasts the ability to print out multi-page “reports”, which include detailed results and tables specific to the patient, including comparisons between past gait tests.

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This zebris FDM-T Treadmill System for Gait Analysis and Noraxon ultium Wireless Surface EMG, combined with the h/p/cosmos quasar treadmill, is used in this research that finds that this ‘Unilateral non-electric assistive walking device helps neurological and orthopedic patients to improve gait patterns’. Furthermore, it suggests that the tested device,

“may help to improve patients’ functional health status and quality of life.”


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