zebris CanidGait® Treadmill

zebris CanidGait® Treadmill

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The Zebris CanidGait system is an instrumented treadmill for the simple analysis and documentation of stance and gait anomalies among dogs.

A complete diagnosis of dogs’ gait can be carried out without any further preparation.

The system consists of treadmill equipped with a calibrated pressure sensor matrix and one or several synchronised cameras.


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zebris CanidGait® Treadmill

The zebris Medical GmbH’s CanidGait treadmill system brings together years of experience in the field of biomechanical gait and stance analysis to the world of veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians in daily clinical practice accurately analyse gait disorders in dogs. Including those resulting from changes or injuries to the musculoskeletal system, enabling targeted treatment. The system reveals functional deficits that are difficult to detect with the naked eye, thus permitting an early diagnosis of incipient lameness.

A complete diagnosis of dogs’ gait can be carried out without any further preparation.

Measuring system for diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation

The simple-to-operate PC analysis software provides scientifically sound and valid stance and gait parameters – after automatic or manual assigning of the limbs.

The analysis report presents the contact forces and pressure distribution pattern of each paw overlaying with the rolling line. This has the purpose of showing the trajectory of its centre of pressure during the movement. The gait parameters present in an easily-readable table with numerical values and bar graphs. These parameters include step lengths, length of the gait cycle, speed, cadence, stance and swing phase distribution.

Additionally, the course of the body’s centres of gravity yields valuable information regarding symmetry and stability of gait.

The report provides an easy way to see the gait type. The report shows the contact force curves for each leg, and the cross-leg diagram with the footfall patterns and can compare analysis results of two records for easy monitoring of the therapy efficiency.

The roll-off details of the animal presents in slow motion. The joint angle of limbs is measured directly on a display screen.


  • The treadmill has a tread surface area of 200 x 42 cm and is suitable for dogs weighing 5 kg to 130 kg.
  • The speed can be adjusted between 0.4 and 20 km/h in 0.1 km/h.
  • The sensor surface has a size of 163 x 41 cm and includes 9,216 high-precision, robust and individually calibrated, capacitive pressure sensors.


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