Noraxon Ultium Surface EMG SmartLead

Noraxon Ultium Surface EMG SmartLead

SKU: NX842-c

The patented SmartLeads for the Ultium® EMG Sensor System enable our system to convert the EMG device into a highly adaptable sensor capable of collecting diverse kinesiological data. Available in three sizes: 3″, 7″, and 11″.



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Surface EMG SmartLead

The Ultium Surface EMG SmartLead with pinch connectors utilizes shielded wiring to mitigate signal artifacts due to the movement or bending of the lead wire and is also equipped with a standard pinch clip to allow connection to any electrode with a metal snap connector. Ultium EMG comes standard with 3″ electrode SmartLeads. SmartLeads are also available in 7″ and 11″. There are no differences between the length in terms of performance.

Required Software Module

The myoMUSCLE™ software module represents a powerful and user-friendly solution for analyzing kinesiological data obtained from our state-of-the-art Ultium EMG system, as well as older Noraxon legacy EMG systems. By leveraging this module’s advanced toolset, users gain access to comprehensive and intricate information, enabling detailed insight for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and neuromuscular biofeedback.


  • EMG Sampling Rate: 2,000/4,000Hz.
  • Available in 3″, 7″ and 11″ lengths.
  • No difference in performance between the different lengths.
  • Standard pinch clip connection to connect to any type of electrode with a metal snap connector.


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