Bertec Vision Trainer

Bertec Vision Trainer

SKU: BER95P-0014

The Bertec Vision Trainer (BVT) trains visual, motor coordination, and balance skills. An impact-resistant touchscreen offers game-like training, designed to improve visual-motor performance and sensory function. Balance can be trained and enhanced with Bertec’s force plate. The interactive balance plate adds the dimension of balance to traditional visual-motor training.

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Bertec Vision Trainer

The Bertec Vision Trainer is used to improve visual-motor performance, achieve peak performance in fast-paced competitive environments, provide a unique modality for training during injury recovery, and increase user motivation and participation. The BVT trains the brain to process visual information faster and more efficiently. Flash, sequence and multi-training modes have been developed to stimulate cognition, enhance spatial awareness, and improve visual memory brain processes.  Cognitive-based training modes are designed to train pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and working memory skills.

In-built, featured training modes include programmes for developing speed, enhancing peripheral vision, and sequence recognition, reducing reaction times, flash and Go/No-Go modes and improving balance.

A Balanced Approach to Vision

BVT enhances visual-motor and balance performance through innovative, state-of-the-art technology. The BVT provides a variety of hand-eye coordination and visual memory tasks that lie at the core of our ability to carry out daily activities and interactions with objects as well as the people around us. Visual-spatial processing is a key component of balance, so we have integrated the balance plate to help improve reaction time, stability, and dynamic balance.

Crawl, Walk, Run

BVT uses the “crawl, walk, run” philosophy. This provides both a tailored approach to the needs of the person and a good framework to progress the individual based on their performance. For example, the software allows for an individual to perform similar activities of a high-performance athlete by adjusting the number, the speed, the size, and the area of targets. The duration of the training and visual backgrounds can also be customized to the individual’s level of performance.

Visual Reality

The features with BVT to customize backgrounds and targets not only allows for tailored training but also creates a more real-life scenario that is specific to the individual. For example, a baseball player can work on eye-hand coordination and reaction times while viewing a baseball field. While someone who may have dizziness or feel unsteady in busy visual environments (such as the grocery store) can train as if they are pushing a grocery cart through the store. Customized training and multisensory-task training has shown to result in better outcomes.


  • Customisable training
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Compact, all-in-one vision training system
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Minimum ceiling height requirement: ~ 215cm (7ft)
  • System weight: ~45kg (100lbs)
  • Capacitive touchscreen monitor: 55″
  • Electrical requirement: 240V
  • Computer: Intel Nuc (Min Windows 10, i3 Processor)
  • Optional: Balance plate


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