Bertec Treadmill FIT Gen 5

Bertec Treadmill FIT Gen 5


The Bertec Fully Instrumented, split-running belt (dual belt) Treadmill v5 (FIT5) allows gait researchers to reduce laboratory space requirements and remove the limitations inherent in a traditional force plate walkway. The unique design features result in superior dynamic characteristics and a high natural frequency making it the preferred research-grade fully instrumented treadmill. The Bertec treadmill enables walking and running research with speeds up to 11.5 m/s and six-component force data output at 1,000 Hz.

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Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill v5 (FIT5)

Introducing the Bertec Fully Instrumented, split-running belt (dual belt) Treadmill v5 (FIT5) – a cutting-edge biomechanical innovation designed to elevate research and rehabilitation outcomes. With its unique Split Belt Treadmill Design, the FIT5 offers unparalleled versatility, allowing independent control of each belt for diverse gait studies and therapeutic interventions. Powered by industrial-grade servo motors, this treadmill ensures exceptional precision and durability, while the Improved Drive Belt and Rollers guarantee smooth and consistent motion.

Experience seamless experimentation and analysis

The Full-Featured FIT5 Software provides comprehensive data collection, real-time feedback, and advanced analytics. Effortlessly construct custom protocols using the Protocol Builder, tailoring treadmill settings and conditions to your exact research needs. Whether you’re investigating human locomotion or refining rehabilitation techniques, the Bertec FIT5 redefines treadmill technology, empowering researchers and practitioners to unlock new insights with every step.


  • Overhead structure and harness ensure patient safety and prevent falls and off-track movements
  • Users can be comfortable and confident during testing
  • Instrumented handrails available- each handrail outputs three components of force ( Fx, Fy, Fz)
  • Unique design features result in superior dynamic characteristics and a high natural frequency making it the best-suited treadmill for research
  • Split-belt (Dual-belt) treadmill has two belts, one for each foot, which can be controlled independently in both forward and reverse with high precision at desired speed and acceleration
  • An incline feature can be added to the system for uphill analysis
  • Independent and highly accurate 6-component load measurement from each belt (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)
  • Works with any major motion capture system
  • Independent low vibration drive systems isolate each half from the other and ensures minimum interference in the data signal
  • One year standard warranty with optional maintenance packages


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