Noraxon Footswitch FSR SmartLead

Noraxon Footswitch FSR SmartLead

SKU: NX802


The Ultium Footswitch FSR SmartLead can be used to capture ON/OFF contacts of the foot for event detection. The use of individual FSR (force-sensitive resistor) sensors gives the user the freedom to choose any location on the foot that is of interest. Each SmartLead can be used with 4 separate FSRs. The FSRs are available in two sizes; 1 sq cm sensing area or an optional 1.5 sq inch sensing area.

The Noraxon Footswitch FSR SmarLead requires SmartLead accessory #FSA1

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Footswitch FSR SmartLead 

The Noraxon Footswitch FSR SmartLead sensor lead consists of 4 FSR (force sensitive resistor) switch sensors which consist of a thin circular film pad that is easy to attach. They can be mounted on the heel and the toe or metatarsal region. It is designed for quick and easy use in clinical gait analysis. The Footswitch SmartLead works with the Noraxon Ultium EMG system as an accessory to the Ultium EMG Sensor (#810).

Universal functionality

The Footswitch SmartLead has universal functionality covering easy and quick-to-use setups for clinical gait screening, running and jump testing. If damage occurs due to heavy impact or shear forces (running/jumping), broken sensors are easily replaced. The special connector allows easy replacement but keeps the sensor from falling out during testing.

The Footswitch SmartLead is also compatible with Noraxon Footswitch insoles. The insole has a separation of the forefoot and back foot region. The benefit is the speed of set-up and ease of use – a perfect tool for clinicians. The sole can be ordered as an accessory or in place of the single FSR-sensor leads.

The insoles have 4 active pressure sensing areas and the threshold pressure required to initiate an off-toon response of the 4 areas can be adjusted by the user. Thus, individuals of various body weight can be accommodated by adjustment of the insole sensitivity.

Use of the Ultium system is contra-indicated in individuals who have implanted pacemakers.


  • Four individual FSR sensors
  • 16 output levels
  • Two FSR sensor sizes available
  • Sample rate of 2,000/4,000 Hz
  • Output signal range of 0-5V
  • Response time of 2ms


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