zebris EMG Bluetooth Muscle Activity Recording System

zebris EMG Bluetooth Muscle Activity Recording System

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The zebris EMG System is a diverse tool for recording potential muscle strength in a range of different areas of the body, such as the jaw or leg muscles. The device, attached to the patient or research subject’s body, sends the results via bluetooth, eliminating the need for messy wires.

Zebris has over 20 year’s experience in the world of biomechanics and is one of the leading suppliers of professional measuring systems for force distribution movement measurement, with measuring systems shipped worldwide for application in science and everyday clinical usage.

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zebris EMG Bluetooth Muscle Activity Recording System 

The zebris EMG Bluetooth Muscle Activity Recording System is fully equipped for taking a range of electromyographical measurements.

Using up to 8 analog electrodes or 4 digital ones, any physiotherapist or doctor can quickly and accurately identify dysfunctional muscle activation. Thus, allowing for swift intervention and treatment to take place.

An Intuitive Instrument with Numerous Possibilities

Like many of zebris’ products, the EMG is relatively easy to operate, which lends itself to it’s diverse range of functions. High-quality bipolar skin surface electrodes allow up to eight muscle groups to be simultaneously selected for testing. The electrical potential of the skeletal muscles are then fed back to any commercial PC via wireless bluetooth giving instant feedback to the operator. Specialist software such as WinJaw developed by zebris (sold separately) can then take this data and generate reports. These include graphs and comparisons, suited to your needs.

The EMG system also beautifully integrates with zebris’ other available systems. Both the CMS series (3D motion analysis) and the FDM series have the ability to connect with zebris’ EMG system. The data  synchronises and displays comprehensively across zebris’ software packages.

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  • Number of analog channels: 8
  • Number of digital channels: 4
  • Measuring rate: 1000 Hz per channel
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Internal backup memory: 512 kB
  • Data backup if reception is interrupted: 1 min (4 channels, 1000 Hz)
  • Power supply: 4x batteries type AAA 1,5 V


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