Noraxon Core EMG

Noraxon Core EMG

Introducing the Core EMG System – your solution for streamlined EMG data collection.

The small and lightweight wireless sensors transmit surface electromyography data directly from the electrode site with the Direct Connect sensor design, eliminating lead connections and the need for additional disposables like sensor tape.

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Core EMG

Through the myoRESEARCH software or Ultium EMG Biofeedback application for Android. The Core EMG System can operate any configuration between 1 and 4 or 16 sensors, capturing data at 2,000 Hz for over 4 hours. Additionally, the sensors utilise embedded memory to guarantee lossless data collection, ensuring that all data is captured accurately and reliably.

As part of Noraxon’s integrated movement technology platform, the Core EMG system can synchronize with other biomechanical measurement systems for complete insight into the biomechanics of human movement.

Experience the Power of Simplicity

Core EMG’s combined charger and receiver enhance the customer experience by simplifying setup and allowing synchronisation of up to 4 Core EMG sensors. It improves portability, optimizing space, and providing a more user-friendly and efficient system for charging and data synchronization. These benefits contribute to a smoother workflow and make it easier for users to integrate the device into their practice. However, the Ultium EMG’s receiver can be utilised to increase the number of Core EMG sensors up to 16.

Core EMG’s Direct Connect Sensor Design prioritizes signal quality, comfort, ease of use, and sustainability. Altogether it provides users with a reliable and streamlined solution for capturing surface EMG data.

The onboard memory found in it assures users that their recorded EMG data is reliably stored and preserved. This feature ensures lossless transmission, safeguarding the integrity and accuracy of the data, even in situations where wireless communication may experience temporary disruptions.

The device connects via Bluetooth to the user-friendly Biofeedback App to provide coaches & clinicians with wireless data transmission. It also provides real-time biofeedback, data analysis, reporting, and enhanced user engagement.

Fits into a Portable Lab!


  • 125 MB (Up to 8 hours of storage)
  • 2.4 GHz hopping protocol and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Operational run time of 4 hours
  • Direct Connect Sensor Design
  • Multi-Device Integration
  • Streamlined EMG Collection
  • Lossless Data Capture
  • Easy EMG Biofeedback


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