PBAES Inflatable Cycle Module Range

PBAES Inflatable Cycle Module Range


POWERbreathe Altitude & Environmental Systems (PBAES) Cycle Inflatable Modules are created using patented technology. These innovative, purpose built cycle modules create the perfect altitude environment within which to undertake training or testing on a Cycle Ergometer. Most cycle ergometers can be used within the cycle modules.

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Inflatable Cycle Modules

POWERbreathe Altitude & Environmental Systems (PBAES) Inflatable Cycle Modules have been designed and manufactured by experts in the field of inflatable construction. They feature a detachable floor enabling simple positioning of a cycle ergometer inside. The double zip entry makes it even easier for users to enter and exit the module, whilst creating a tight seal to reduce leakage.

Each cycle module can be purchased as an individual item or as part of a package along with the required PBAES Hypoxic System.

Air conditioning systems will be required to supplement an inflatable module.

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Weight 1000 kg



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