Brower TC Gate


Brower Test Center (TC) PhotoGate A and B

Extra Brower TC Gate designed for use with the Brower TC Timing System.

£598.80 Ex VAT £499.00

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Brower TC Gate

The Brower TC Gate is a versatile and indispensable component of the Brower Timing Systems. Designed to enhance the precision and flexibility of timing for a wide range of athletic training and competitive events.

Utilising an advanced infrared beam technology. The TC Gate can be configured to initiate, split, or conclude the timing process. Thus ensuring highly accurate and reliable performance measurements. The package includes PhotoGate A and B, along with a sturdy tripod, offering a complete setup for immediate use out of the box.

This system is perfect for accurately capturing start times, split intervals, and finish times across various sports, making it a crucial tool for coaches, athletes, and sports scientists who are committed to precision and excellence in performance tracking and analysis.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

Photogate A and B, Tripod


  • Create infrared beam – can start, split or finish the timer of a Brower TC Timing System
  • PhotoGate A & B, as well as Tripod, included


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