Sportreact Pod


Sportreact Pods can function as both timing gates and reaction lights, recording real-time data analytics, athletes can track progress and make informed training decisions.

(Replacement Pod only).

£282.00 Ex VAT £235.00

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Sportreact Pod

Sportreact Pods are innovative devices designed to enhance athletic performance through precise measurement and training. Each Sportreact pod functions as both a timing gate and a reaction light, enabling comprehensive agility and neurocognitive exercises. They can measure split times, track acceleration, and monitor changes in direction with high accuracy. The pods can be screwed onto tripods, stuck with cups and magnets, or tied with straps, making them easy to set up in various environments.

Accessory can be used with the Sportreact Starter Kit.


  • 10-level hit sensor
  • Up to a yard proximity sensor
  • 10-yard laser beam sensor
  • Setup gates in under 2 minute
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth
  • Seamless in-app pod management


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